Journal Publications


"Domestic Pantoum" and "Keep Silent and Let Me Speak," forthcoming from Midway Journal, January 2018

"Birth Story" Forthcoming in Gulf Stream, December 2017

"Schismatic," Stirring Special Issue: Respond Loud/Soft judged by Chen Chen, 2017

“Vow Exchange,” Gigantic Sequins, Fall 2017

“Gertrude Complex,” Alyss April 2017

“Postpartum I” and “Postpartum III” Lingerpost , 2017

“Sometimes, the Right Light”  IDK Magazine , Winter, 2016

“Psyche Complex” Timeless Tales, May 2016

“Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound…” and “Try This Stillness” Reservoir, January 2016

“I Have No Love for Images” The Wide Shore, January 2016

“Shared Parental Agreement” Muddy River Poetry Review, Fall 2015

“After the Burial” The Pittsburgh Review, November 2015

“Autoimmune Anemia: Transfusion” Fox Cry Review, 2014

“Imagine this Bed is its Own Island,” “Full Grown Mammoth Under the Ice in Suberia,” and “It’s the Only Thing We Have to Wear,” For a Better World (Anthology), 2014

“Coffin” and “Explaining Origins and Ending” Arsenic Lobster, Winter 2014. Pushcart Nomination.

“A Mark on the World” and “I Imagine What That Story Was Like”: Pacific Review “Strangely Ever After” special 2014 edition

“Reborn in the Body as Anne Askew” Rappahannock Review, issue 1. Interview here.

The Rose Red Review, Fall 2013 (Halloween themed)

Illuminations, Issue 29 (Greek themed)

The San Pedro River Review , Fall, 2013

Vine Leaves, Issue 7: Poem “Imaginary Bodies” included in The Best of Vine Leaves Anthology, 2013

The Yellow Medicine Review, Summer 2013

A Few Good Words. The Cincinnati Writers Project Anthology

  • Feedback on my work from an Amazon reviewer Julie G: “You may want to consider as you start to read, this book is a bit more edgy than one expects from an anthology of poets and writers. You may be surprised. It is a lot to plow through at one sitting, so I have been reading it bit by bit. I take it places. Right now I am haunted by a poem about a grandfather who shoots himself. The poet’s eye sees us as fishes, or birds, maybe. As if the air and the water were one in the same, clearly saying we cannot live one without the other, or find the answer as to how we can live after such a loss. Is the absent Father the answer? I am still reading.”

The Alarmist (UK)

The Delinquent (UK)

The Yes Factory